In composing White History Month, I have to make my intentions very clear.

The purpose of my book is to initiate very important dialogues about race. It highlights centuries of power and privilege for White Americans, as well as, those of European descent. You are the common denominator in the oppression, abuse, neglect, and overall mistreatment of Native Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, and the mass number of naturalized citizens of this country.


Choosing to be willfully ignorant or refusing to acknowledge your privilege makes you a part of the problem. It compromises any and all tolerance other races can potentially have for your existence or opinion. Combativeness or unawareness of how the society in which you are a part of supports your image, life, and lifestyles is highly problematic.


Since the historical integrity of this book will dissect Laws and Constitutional components that shaped our nation, there will be full transparency on how to obtain the same data to jumpstart a change in the way you interact with others who are not White. The activities at the end of each chapter are to help you talk to other White people FIRST about what has occurred in American history and how it directly serves your life today. Non-Whites are not obligated to create a solution for you within a system where you are the main beneficiary.


America doesn’t have the same holistic and homogenous meaning to other ethnicities as it does to you. Don’t be ignorant to the unfairness and fragility of not being White in America. If you confidently operate in your existence without concern of the house you live in, the car that is in your driveway, or the exact moment of daylight that’s optimal for you to take a jog WITHOUT fear of suspicion from your neighbors or police, consider yourself fortunate.


Subsequently, if you do not and will not genuinely consider your privilege, do other non-Whites a huge favor and leave them be. Don’t question their appearance or appropriate their culture. Decline to engage them socially or professionally for your intentions are not pure and you are not an ally.


Amidst today’s social and political climate, I cannot forecast who will take interest in reading this book or supporting its message.  With this journey, I will document my encounters in audio, print, and video on why this dialogue is important and how the content is received.

In the release of this book, my mind is uneasy but my heart is strong. I won’t be naïve of my future in this country after this publication meets various readers. Nevertheless, I'm ready for the change that derives from it.


Every February you ask for it, so here it is.



Clicking the Book Cover above will allow you to download sample chapters of White History Month. The targeted digital release date of this project is December 1st, and a printed release date of December 15th.

I am financing the independent publication of my dream, but contributions toward my publishing budget helps. My end goal as a writer and publisher is to have White History Month available to consumers at the Smithsonian African American Museum Gift Shop by February of 2017.